Acoustic & Noise

EnviroTech has wide experience in assessing potential noise impacts associated with many types of proposed development. After establishing background noise levels using a range of noise instruments, we then model operational scenarios to determine the potential noise effects on the surrounding environment. Our team of acoustic consultants is able to help you manage noise impacts in a cost effective way by identifying the most appropriate acoustic solutions including buffer distances, barriers and building design components.


  • Providing Acoustic Assessments & Solutions for:
    • Residential Development (including subdivisions)
    • Public, Educational & Commercial Developments
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Developments
    • Mechanical Plant Noise Assessment
    • Occupational Noise Assessment
  • Sporting Facilities – Indoor and Outdoor
  • Animal Noise Assessment
  • Environmental Noise Assessment
  • Transportation Noise & Vibration (road, rail & aircraft)
  • Construction Noise Management Planning and Construction Noise Monitoring


Give us a call on 1300 888 324 to find out more about our acoustic and noise solutions, including acoustic assessments and reports. No matter where you are in Sydney, we can help you.

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Acoustic & Noise
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