3 reasons why drainage is important on site

18 February 2019

In Sydney, stormwater management is an extremely important task that needs to be completed, especially when working on a site. Site managers and supervisors carry many responsibilities when it comes to wastewater management, and one of the most important aspects […]

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What is environmental engineering?

21 January 2019

Engineering can be defined as the area of science that is concerned with the design, development and use of the world around us, from buildings to engines and machinery. However, when people think of engineering, they primarily think of the […]

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How an environmental consultant can help you

04 December 2018

Across Sydney, there are many sites and premises that fall victim to poor environmental practices, with many not even knowing that these practices are occurring. If you believe that your site or premises may be victim to poor environmental practices, […]

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When do you need a civil engineer?

19 November 2018

If you’re looking to develop or alter a man-made environment, such as a building, a bridge or a road, you’ll need to employ a civil engineer. Civil engineers design, develop and supervise every aspect of infrastructure projects to ensure that […]

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How a stormwater engineer can help you

20 October 2018

Whether you’re in the city or out in the country, there will come a time that you will find yourself affected by stormwater. Many cities, suburbs, parks and farms have issues when it comes to stormwater, whether it be redirection, […]

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Our engineers in action

17 September 2018

Western Sydney University release a bi-annual magazine called GradLife, detailing what is currently happening at the university, as well as updates on alumni accomplishments since they’ve graduated from the university. In the winter 2018 edition of the magazine, in a […]

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Why acoustic assessments are a vital part of any proposed development

27 August 2018

At EnviroTech, we’re a company who engage in a wide variety of environmental consultancy work. From professional engineers to bushfire consultants, we have a multi-disciplinary team who can handle any environmental service that will help you meet your local council […]

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How we can work with the environment toward a sustainable future

24 July 2018

With the growing population comes a greater need to find new ways to protect the environment. The best way we can do this is by working with our environment, in various areas, and developing plans in each of these areas […]

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Why wastewater management is so important

18 June 2018

Water is undoubtedly our most vital resource. Since the 1990’s, areas in the south-east parts of Australia, for example, have experienced a 15-20% decline in rainfall during the autumn and winter months. Quite obviously, this is a huge problem, and […]

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Soil sample testing on site investigations

25 May 2016

When developing a new property or performing major renovations on an existing one, an important preparatory step is to have a geotechnical site investigation. These investigations are performed by geotechnical engineers or engineering geologists in order to obtain information on […]

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