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Our range of geotechnical and environmental service will help you to meet Local Council and State Government requirements for approving development applications. Learn more about the services we offer by clicking on one of the links below.
  • wastewater
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    We conduct comprehensive investigation for wastewater management and treatment systems.
  • Stormwater
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    Our team specialises in stormwater management, design and risk assessment for all types of projects.
  • Bushfire
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    Living or building in a bushfire prone area? We do bushfire hazard assessments and prepare strategic evacuation plans.
  • Contamination
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    Our team thoroughly assesses potentially contaminated sites and prepare remedial action plans as required.
  • Ecology
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    We have the expertise and equipment to perform flora and fauna assessment on small and large sites.
  • Acoustic & Noise
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    Acoustic & Noise

    We provide acoustic engineering services for construction, environmental and industrial projects.
  • Geotechnical
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    We carry out geotechnical site investigations and design planning for all types of development projects.
  • Occupational Hygiene
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    Occupational Hygiene

    We have the capacity to assess, evaluate, monitor and recommend control actions for potential and real hazards.
Our team of experienced geotechnical engineers and environmental consultants help you with your development application.