Occupational Hygiene, Asbestos & Air Quality

Occupational Hygiene is the process of risk assessment, control, evaluation and monitoring of potential and real hazards in workplaces that may lead to injury, illness, or impairment of workers and members of the community.

EnviroTech consultants have experience and knowledge in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and communication of the risks posed by various industrial processes. We have the capacity to monitor and recommend control actions to ameliorate, remove and control potential hazards to workers and or members of the community.


Management of Asbestos includes the following services:

  • Asbestos Inspection and Clearances
  • Airborne Asbestos Monitoring
  • Asbestos Surveys (Register and Recommendations)

EnviroTech has a Class A licensed asbestos assessor recognised by WorkCover NSW. We are capable of undertaking bonded and friable inspections, clearances and air monitoring customised to your project and or workplace. EnviroTech upholds themselves and those in partnership with us to the highest standard or work and ethical practices.


Air quality assessments include the following:

  • Indoor air quality assessments for targeted compounds
  • Mould inspections
  • Dust monitoring (respirable and inspirable)
Occupational Hygiene, Asbestos & Air Quality
Occupational Hygiene, Asbestos & Air Quality
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