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Since we started in 2002, we have worked on thousands of projects. To give you a better idea of what we can do, feel free to explore our projects below.


Acoustic Report for an Industrial Unit

Acoustic and Noise

The industrial unit, with the expectation that up to 20 staff and 20 possible customers will visit the site in peak periods. This is likely to generate noise as a result of activities being undertaken within the site (light metal fabrication including welding and grinding), and increased traffic noises. EnviroTech was able to measure current background levels of noise. Potential noise was calculated and mitigation factor investigated. Once investigated and final calculations were determined, EnviroTech found that the proposed building products could mitigate the noise generated from the proposed noise emitting activities.


Bushfire Report for a Re-zoning and Sub-division


Envirotech was engaged by Montgomery Planning Solutions to complete a Bushfire Hazard Assessment for a re-zoning and sub-division of the above mentioned properties into a total of twenty five (25) residential blocks of varying sizes. The site was identified as bushfire prone land as per the Hawkesbury Bushfire prone land map. The report addressed the requirements of section 100B of the Rural Fires Act 1997 and the planning provisions of Planning for Bushfire Protection (PBP) 2006.


Phase 2 Contamination Assessment for a Childcare Centre


The proposal involved a construction of a childcare facility with associated play areas and carpark. The proposed development is considered as a children’s daycare facility (HIL A) in regards to the appropriate Health Investigation Levels (HILs). Soil sampling and analysis was undertaken with results then compared against appropriate guidance values including Health Investigation Levels (HILs) and Ecological Investigation Levels (EILs).


Wastewater Report for a Proposed Extension


A wastewater system was needed for the expansion of the school. EnviroTech was able to calculate and design a system to accommodate a flowrate of approximately 25000 L/day. This system required calculation and planning to accommodate the disposal area within a small footprint.


Stormwater Drainage, Stormwater Quality, Flood Mitigation

Stormwater Management

This proposal for a multi-story indoor sports centre includes three basketball courts, two soccer pitches, a cricket pitch, swimming pool, cafes and a 120 space carpark. EnviroTech has provided stormwater, flooding and wastewater management services for the development to mitigate all potential impacts to personal safety, the environment and downstream properties.